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Physiatry became recognized as a separate medical specialty in 1947. Most widely known as the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the medical specialty of modern-day physiatry comprises the related disciplines of physical medicine, rehabilitation medicine and electromyography. The term Physiatry is derived from the Greek words physikos (physical) and iatreia (art of healing). A Physiatrist is a physician who creatively employs physical agents as well as other medical therapeutics to help in the healing and rehabilitation of a patient. Treatment involves the whole person and addresses the physical, emotional and social needs that must be satisfied to successfully restore the patient’s quality of life to its maximum potential.

What should I expect at my physiatric evaluation visit?

During your evaluation at MTH, our physiatrists’ will determine the physical deficits as well as the functional impact of these deficits. He or she will take the time to discuss your medical history and current areas of discomfort which may be typified by pain, numbness, tingling and weakness of your muscles and limbs. The physiatrist will then examine the problematic area(s) to diagnose the cause and comprise a treatment plan that will best fit your individual needs. This may include physical therapy, pharmacologic intervention, diagnostic studies and work modification strategies.