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Diagnostic Treatments / Testing

Diagnostic Treatments / Testing

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No need to go off-site for any necessary the medical testing and x-rays. We provide an array of functional and structural diagnostics on-site for your convenience such as:

Range of Motion Testing: used to measure the movement around a joint or body part. We use this testing to determine your range of motion and compare it to pre-injury or pre-condition

Muscle Testing: used to assess the strength of the muscles

X-rays: used to evaluate bone anatomy and alignment

Trigger Point Testing: used to gradually break up the trigger points and/or knots in the muscles. A local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, is injected to provide more immediate post-injection relief and to dilute nerve-sensitizing substances

Diagnostic Ultrasounds: used to evaluate soft tissue injuries

Nerve Testing: the nerves control the muscles in your body. With this test, we measure how fast and well the nerves can send electrical signals and their response time

Electromyography (EMG) Testing: used to measure the electrical activity of muscles that are at rest in relation to when they’re in use