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Anitha Valel, PT

Diplomat ABPMR, C.Ac.
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Please list your complete medical title:
Anitha Valel, PT

Please list your licenses/degrees:
Bachelor in Science in Physical Therapy

Where did you receive your schooling?
College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal, India

How long was your schooling? What years did you attend?
6 years from 1997- 2003

How long have you been practicing?
10 years

What tasks/treatments does your medical description include?
Evaluation of patients, setting goals, treatment (manual and modalities) to achieve those goals and home exercise programs

What is something that you want your patients to know about your method of caring for them?

I have been at Manhattan Total Health … since 2008

In my free time, I like to… cook different types of cuisines

When I’m not at MTH, you can find me… spending quality time with my family and children and taking care of them

I love what I do because… it gives me satisfaction knowing that I am helping others and making a difference in their lives

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be…. to trust the therapist working with you and let him or her lead you to your goals.