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Dr. Jamie Milchanowski, D.C.

Please list your complete medical title: Jamie Milchanowski, Doctor of Chiropractic

Please list your licenses/degrees: Bachelor of Science, Dietetics and Doctor of Chiropractic

Where did you receive your schooling? How long was your schooling? What years did you attend?

SUNY Oneonta 2007-2011

Life University 2011-2015

How long have you been practicing? Since 2015

What tasks/treatments does your medical description include? My job is to find where your body is holding on to stress and tension causing interference in the nervous system. This tension decreases the body’s overall function, adaptability and ability to communicate. This tension can also lead to pain which is your body telling you change is needed. Through the chiropractic adjustment we allow your body to release this tension that’s affecting the nervous system allowing the body to communicate, adapt and function at 100%.  Where the body has pain may or may not be the source of the problem. I make sure that we adjust to release the source of tension and not the just the symptoms.

Are you a member of any Associations or Organizations? If so, which ones?

ICPA – International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

LCW – League of Chiropractic Women

Please list any medical awards or accolades that you’ve been given: Vitalism Award from Life University.

What is something that you want your patients to know about your method of caring for them?

I look at the whole person and the body’s interconnectedness. I use different techniques that fit your body’s needs in that exact moment and release the tension only when your body is ready to. You can expect a more traditional chiropractic adjustment as well as soft tissue, meningeal and cranial work. I make sure you are an active participant by incorporating breath and neurological based movement. This allows you to become more connected to your body, able to handle stress and tension on your own and become more aware of your body’s interconnectedness.

I also specialize in maternity and pediatrics and am Webster certified.

I have been at Manhattan Total Health since…. February, 2018

In my free time, I like to… Do yoga, dance and cook in my kitchen, go hiking and hang with friends and family.

When I’m not at MTH, you can find me… In Astoria or at my maternity and pediatric chiropractic studio in NJ.

I love what I do because…. When you are more connected to your body and feel better you can live the life you love.

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be…. Do what you love, listen to your body and get adjusted!