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More than a year ago, my life changed dramatically. Shortly after the passing of my wife, I was diagnosed with a neuropathy condition. Over a few shorts month, I went from occasional use of a cane to total dependence on a wheelchair. Coupled with the grief of losing the love of my life, I was overwhelmed with the loss of my mobility. My daughter recommended Manhattan Total Health. Hopefully, a person would never need a physical therapist; but if you need one.. there’s none better than Jayson. He not only uses his skills to push me to my personal limits; but he always connects on a personal level. He provides useful tips that I use at home for both me, and my family. Jayson helped me regain my dignity. I’m happy to note that now, I use mostly a cane for support. With professional staff and energetic and caring staff, the folks at Manhattan Total Health helped restore my life.

James L. Smith

I had a physical therapist who told me I would never be able to touch my toes, and that I was dreaming too big. Then came you guys. It’s amazing how you listen to my complaints and endless questions and how incredibly patient you are. You are an incredible team! The day I touched my toes for the first time probably seemed silly to you guys, but it meant a lot more than that…it was a milestone for me.

K. Abrams

A thousand thank you’s for all the help the staff has given me. Although I am a medical doctor, when I came to you in tears of pain and frustration several months ago, I really did not know where to turn. Not only has my pain been relieved, but I continue to benefit every day from the good body mechanics and other constructive health precepts to which your staff are committed.

R.B., M.D.

I’ve done far better after two months here than with two operations and two years of therapy elsewhere.

Justin K

When I first visited MTH, I was in absolute terrible pain from a back injury. I could not stand, sit, or sleep through the night for quite a long period of time. Through MTH’s sincere kindness, professional skills and knowledge of the human anatomy, I am able to have a life; one that I thought might not exist ever again. MTH’s staff is committed to the rehabilitation and they have a very special place in my heart and I cannot thank them enough for giving me back my life. So, thank you MTH, I am forever appreciative for all of what you have done for me.

E. Taylor

The treatment plans are individualized; the staff always provides a warm family feeling. You always feel glad to be at Manhattan Total Health. It is truly an experience that brings total health.

C. Silverman

I had seen two chiropractors who after many visits could not correct my low back (sciatica) pain. I also saw a pain management doctor who had sent me for MRI/X-Ray/Bone Density/Steroid injections and lastly did not know what to try next. At this point I was beginning to think the only way I was going to get better was to have an operation. Then someone recommended MTH and I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable the staff were of my problem and how to correct it. In a months time I was without pain and on my way to better health. I also must say that everyone was so polite and nice to me and other patients. I want to thank everyone at MTH for their help.